And we are back online!

Welcome to our new store, which you can explore by clicking on the ‘Our Store’ button up above. It’s been a lot of work and a lot of learning, but our website now supports a new wordpress build with woocommerce. Our billing process goes through paypal, for your convenience, you can use any card or your paypal account, and as always we will never see your personal numbers.

Although it has taken us a while to get the website back up, we have continued to ship to those that ordered through us by email. We would like to thank all that have purchased our coffee since we began this journey. With your help, we have continued to stream-line our process and figure out all the shipping and processing regulations.

Recently, our coffee posed for a photo-shoot, and Ledis spent the afternoon capturing its image for you, the customer.

Photo Shoot!
Photo Shoot!


Our coffee is grown special in Líbano, Tolima, Colombia. That’s down in South America. My wife and I have been growing coffee for two years now, and we have come a long way.

On this blog we will document our process, and all about coffee. We’ll also talk about things we have learned, things that we have done, and things we are planning to do. We are experimenting with a lot of different species of plants and products, and talking to a whole lot of people. Some of our more ecological projects and ideas will be talked about in depth over on our interest blog. Over the years we have updated our coffee process and techniques, and look forward to documenting this and more for you in the upcoming months.

From our heart to yours!
From our heart to yours!

3 thoughts on “And we are back online!

  1. Alex!! How are you? I’m happy things are going well with your life and coffe adventures down in Colombia. I just ordered some of your coffee for my mom’s birthday, and I am so excited to give it to her. May God continue to bless you and Ledis in your lives!


  2. Hi Alex- I am taking a group of students to Tolima in June…we’re in Ibagué and Murillo but might it be possible to visit with you either in Líbano for a tinto or on your finca if it’s not too far out there? (Something tells me it’s pretty far out there…I did see “three hour hike.”) We usually stop off at Hacienda Coloma in Fusa which is fine but you’re more the real deal 🙂 I enjoyed the videos, by the way. -Rich

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